We help organisations to create success by increasing wisdom, compassion and insight.

By understanding the wisdom of your feelings, we believe that you will make conscious decisions and choices to carefully do your very best for your family members, friends, colleagues, employees and the environment.

We are passionate about stretching the mind’s potentials to achieve true leadership: harvesting emotions and nurturing happiness at work.

One of our many UN SDG goals we support.

Who is EQ at Happiness Quotient?

We help organisations to identify, assess manage risks especially in the areas of stress, burnout, overwork, information overload, toxic or negative or low moral and motivation workplaces. We help them to be sustainably performant.

EQ@HQ is a consulting business based in the NSW North Coast, Australia. 

Key offerings include Emotional Assessments: this includes the SEI Six Seconds and MHS EQi 2.0 assessments for leaders and employees, 360 multi raters, one-to-one coaching, workshops at your workplace and leadership development consulting.

We also offer Happiness at Work team assessment working collaboratively with the UK-based New Economic Foundation.  We address team culture change and run masterclass in happiness, coaching and professional development consulting.

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My Holland

Founder & Director

My’s interest in well-being, positive change and happiness as a learned skill have led her to her current role as certified assessor and coach in Happiness at Work and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

My (pronounced “Me”) believes in ethical living, conscious capitalism, kindness and empathy on a daily basis: at work and on a personal level.  She has refocused her management and lecturing skills towards helping corporates to be productive and efficient in a kind and caring environment.  EQ emphasises ethical, non-judgemental decision-making underpinned by an understanding of our own emotions. Emotions are powerful performance drivers and determine the success of our relationships.

She believes that bringing well-being and happiness to work will benefit not only our workplace but also our private relationships: family, friends, the community and by extension the inter-connected world. Solid research demonstrates EQ and workplace happiness training deliver improved productivity, lower rates of absenteeism with more engaged, motivated employees.  Happiness and emotional insight nourish our inner journeys, starting with self-awareness.

My has a multicultural world view, as she was born in France of Vietnamese parents, studying in France and the USA, and living and working in the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Myanmar and New Zealand. She is based in Bellingen NSW with her wonderful family.

She has a holistic education due to her commitment to lifelong learning: International Business (MA), International Marketing (MBA), Japanese (BA), Higher Education (GCHE), Carbon Management (CTI), Vocational Training (TAE), NLP and Mindfulness (MBSR).
 Her EQ credentials are: Certified assessor for SEI and MHS EQi 2.0 models and the Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. She is a certified practitioner from the UK based New Economic Foundation NEF for the Happiness at Work survey. She has just completed her Certificate of Neuroscience in Wellness.

She is a member of the Australian Institute of Management, Women's Business Network, Business Professional Women Network, Positive Psychology Association and World Kindness Movement.

She is available for talks, workshops, executive retreats for your Happiness at Work assessment and Emotional Intelligence coaching for your team. Consultations can be conducted in English and French. Japanese and Vietnamese are a work in progress!

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