We're passionate about stretching the mind’s potential to achieve true leadership: harvesting POSITIVE emotions, BRAIN POWER, RESILIENCE and nurturing happiness at work.

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Business Solutions

We provide a range of tailored business solutions to help you assess and improve wellbeing and positive engagement in your workplace.


Free Tools

Here you'll find a collection of books and tools to improve awareness around various facets of well-being and workplace engagement.

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We help organisations to create success by increasing wisdom, compassion and insight.

We're proud to have worked with these organisations and businesses.

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Praise for My Holland & EQ@HQ

A very practical and deeply important workshop.

Deidre Anderson Deputy Vice Chancellor Macquarie University

The balance of concept, theory and practical exercises were just right.

Marilyn Brien Leadership Management Australia

I think this is a course every leader in business should attend

Melissa Bell Fundraising Coordinator, Camp Quality

My is transparent and honest, is an expert in her field and is very tactful when handling sensitive situations.

Ralph Crook Internal Audit Transformation Manager Leighton Holdings

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